Individual Clients

What is financial planning?

Financial Planning aims to give our clients objective assistance in organising their personal or corporate financial affairs to more readily achieve their financial and lifestyle goals.


This can lead to the recommendation of specific contracts or policies, e.g. life assurance or a personal pension, but initially it will result in the production of a plan devised specifically for each client, focusing on strategy and goals.


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Investment planning

To manage your money, we need to create an investment strategy based on your unique requirements. Your personal circumstances, objectives, knowledge and experience and attitude to risk will be our starting point.


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Retirement planning

Whether you are approaching retirement or still furthering your career, considered planning is crucial to ensure a comfortable retirement.


Pension assets often form a large part of retirement planning and are becoming more complex in nature. As such it is important to obtain good quality advice to ensure your pension is working hard for you and your plans for retirement are on course.


We are able to advise upon all aspects of pensions from company scheme benefits to self-invested plans that offer great flexibility and investment freedom. We will regularly review your position and work with you to help you achieve your retirement ambitions.

IHT mitigation and estate planning

There is a famous quote from Benjamin Franklin “nothing in life is certain but death and taxes”


Whilst we cannot do anything about the former, there are actually quite a few options for those prepared to plan in advance, to minimise the latter.


The process will involve reviewing your current assets and a calculation of your IHT position.  We’ll also review your will and, if required, work with your other advisers to ensure that it is updated.


We will provide specific advice in relation to the main exemptions and allowances that you could take advantage of. Depending on the liability and the timescale we can also recommend bespoke inheritance tax planning strategies that can be put in place to cover tax liability on death, often by taking advantage of trust arrangements or considering investment structures which are or will be exempt from the charge.


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Financial protection

A well-considered financial plan should ensure you and your family are protected against an unforeseen event or tragedy.


There are numerous methods of providing protection whether this is via life assurance or protection of income for the main earner, or a capital lump sum required to assist with any Inheritance Tax liability.


Importantly we have a breadth of knowledge on the range of options in this area. We will work with you to address any concerns you may have regarding vulnerabilities in your own protection, or use our expertise to highlight any gaps you may not be aware of.


Our priority is to provide you and your family with peace of mind.


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